The WHY behind the video games…

The WHY behind the video games…

When David and I wrote, before we even had the idea for The Video Games, there was something deep at work. I think David described it best to me one night when we were working on yet another revision to the show. Below you will find the WHY behind The Video Games for David… If you haven’t seen the show yet its okay there are no spoilers I promise!

“One of my most cherished childhood memories was playing Banjo-Kazooie and Mario Kart with my dad in the basement. My most cherished possession is a Pokemon Yellow Version that my younger brother saved up his quarters and dimes to buy me for my tenth birthday. When I felt lonely, I would turn on Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and play for hours; solving dungeons and saving the world from Ganondorf’s evil clutches. Video games hold a special place in my heart. With the production that we have, it warms my heart and makes me relive all of those moments that I hold near and dear.

And I know that I’m not alone.

After each show, we’ve had people hug us, thanking us for helping them relive their childhoods again. We’ve had children tell us that we have inspired them to explore new and exciting games and stories. We’ve had adults congratulate us on capturing the excitement and joy that they felt all those years ago.

Video games touch people’s lives in more ways than one. We want to share that with you.”

– David Evan Stolworthy; co-creator of The Video Games.