Tickets for our shows

Tickets for our shows

ASL Interpreted show June 17th @ 4:30 pm

ASL Interpreted show June 24th @ 10:30 pm

ASL Interpreted show June 10th @ 9:30 pm

How to Redeem Cards

  • Collect 4 of the same color and post a picture of yourself on Instagram with all four (4) cards.
    • Tag @mbstageproductions and #hff23
    • We will message you with a promo code/ticket reservation for up to 2 people. For the show that you collected.
    • *If you are having issues with Instagram or don’t have one send the picture of you holding all four (4) cards to with your permission to use the picture for social media.
  • Collect all 13 cards and post them and get a special prize and/or invitation to our separate closing party.
    • Post a picture of yourself and/or your friends to Instagram and tag @mbstageproductions and #hff23