Meet the GMs

Meet the GMs

Meet our GMs for our July 22nd games at Lawless Brewing Co!

You can request your preferred GM when purchasing your tickets or be placed at a game at the event.

We will do our best to put you at your first choice game, we cannot guarantee table placement. Table availability is based on ticket sales and each table has a limited number of seats. Thank you for your understanding.
If you would like your group seated at the same table, please purchase your tickets under one order.
Groups of more than 6 will have to be split between tables.
Regardless, you WILL have a seat at a table with a fantastic GM and a great game.

Not ready to join one of our one shots just yet? Check out our Beginner Sessions!
A perfect way to learn the basics of D&D5e and get ready to join a game.

Markeia McCarty (She/They/Any) is a Gamemaster, Creative Producer and Entertainment Host. They produced and played in Hunter's Entertainment's sold out GenCon mainstage shows: Misfits & Magic LIVE! and Gods of Metal: Ragnarock LIVE with Brennan Lee Mulligan! Seen on Wizards of the Coast's DnD Beyond, Critical Role, Geek and Sundry, HyperRPG and more

The Story: Using the newest edition of Kids on Bikes, dive deep into a small-town fantastically big adventure, utilizing Double Proficiency's Natural World library of the Herbalist, Geologist, and [the upcoming newest edition!] Primer!

System: Kids on Bikes (2nd Edition)

Characters: Choose from pre-made characters at the table. Please arrive no later than 6:30pm!

Content Notice: Natural life cycles, arrogant adults, whodunnit, natural sciences, decomposition.


Once we have enough players to fill our first table, we’ll unlock our second GM and game!

Casey was so happy to find the TTRPG space many years ago and considers it the ultimate playground for performers. Being able to tell the wildest, nerdiest stories you can imagine, with improv thrown in for good measure? It's been a match made in heaven for him! Since then, Casey has tried to push the boundaries of what TTRPGs can be and what madness he can infuse into his games to ensure maximum nerddom. He believes the TTRPG space is for everyone and hopes to provide a memorable experience for the whole table!

The Story: Mad Maximus, a totally-not-inspired-by-Fury-Road game.

System: D&D5e

Characters: Level 5. Content from the Mystic Odyssey Of Theros is primarily used and is encouraged by players, but is absolutely not required by any means. All 5e content is accepted. 

Content Notice: Blood and gore.




Once we have enough players to fill our first two tables, we’ll unlock our third GM and game!

Come back next week to learn more about our GMs for our July 29th games!