NAT 20

NAT 20

Nerds At Tabletops ‘20

Join the MB Stage community and adventure with us!

Nerds at Tabletops 20 (NAT 20) is a night of role-playing, dice rolling, and fantasy shenanigans for all! Monday nights are for now adventurers of all experience levels, from the curious first timer to seasoned veterans, to claim their glory at the tabletop.

We take you, the player, and match you with a group of other players for a one shot adventure led by one of our talented Game Masters. They’ll lead you and fellow adventurers through 2-3 hours of role-playing, combat, and collaborative storytelling. NAT20 is a fantastic event to meet other players and TTRPG enthusiasts, to try out a new character or bring an old one out of retirement, or to learn a new to you game system.

We’re so excited to partner with Lawless Brewing Co to put on this weekly event! They have a variety of beverages from sodas and energy drinks to beers, cider, wine, and mocktails, as well as food trucks available for meals and snacks.

And if you enjoy your time, bring your friends along in the future. We’re always excited to meet new heroes!

Meet your GMs for our next event and read about their games here!

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