NAT 20

NAT 20

Nerds At Tabletops ‘20

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic we have moved all of our events on-line! Don’t worry we will still have many way for you to connect with other Nerdy Theater People and interact! 

Please still reserve your space below so we can get you hooked up with an AWESOME DM and let’s play some games (We will definitely be streaming some video games as too)! To stay up to date on everything we invite you to join the MB Stage Discord as well!

As part of our Nerdy Theater Series and development for our upcoming show Tabletop: The Musical, MB Stage Productions invites you to our monthly event NAT 20!

Join in on a tabletop game with an experienced DM. We have tables for beginners and more experienced players. All levels are welcome! Not into DnD? That’s okay! We have board games and video games or you can just hang out and watch.

Have a character created, but haven’t had a chance to play? Bring it in! Have no idea how to create one? We will help you do that too.

Campaigns are generally 5th Edition

Meet the our DM’s and see the campaigns

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