Current Projects

Current Projects

Here at MB Stage Productions, we are huge supporters of Nerdy Theater and strive to create a safe and fun environment for our audiences and productions. As the world around us has served countless tales of injustice and hatred, we would like to express our support for the equality of Black Americans. It is our duty, not only as artists, but as people, to use our voices as instruments of inspiration, education, and motivation. We will be postponing all company events and projects for the time being and instead using this time to lend our help to our community. 

If you would like to help, the document below is a great place to start:

We will also use this time to share and give whatever resources we can to support black artists. If you would like us to share your post or host your work, please email or

During this time we invite you to join us on-line on Discord! We will still be hosting out NAT 20 Events and streaming plays, workshops and other interactive events for you to join in on. Play some games, chat with us etc…!

We are back and we have MERCH! As we start to work on Tabletop once again we’ve released some t-shirts to celebrate the year of the NAT 20! (Nerds at Tabletops 2020).

Tabletop the musical
Book and Music Chad Sundman
Book and Lyrics Race Benaglio

As part of our ‘Nerdy Theater’ series MB stage Creative Producers, David Evan Stolworthy and Jared Tyrel Pixler have begun work on the long term development of Tabletop (a new musical). Chad Sundman and Race Benaglio have written an awesomely geeky script accompanied by nerdgasmic music and lyrics that still manage to touch us deeply. In a universal story that is nothing short of a wish spell.