Current Projects

Current Projects

Happy new year from all of us to you! Thank you for joining us virtually to play games and connect in 2020 we hope to see you again virtually and maybe, maybe in some in-person capacity soon!

Photo credit: Jonathan Lewis Photography (JD Lewis)
Pictured: The Cast of our first HFF Show – Let Me Out


We love Halloween and though we can’t all be together for another episode of The Study we wanted to do something! So on Oct. 23rd we will be hosting a special session of NAT 20 with some other activities! Check back soon or join our Facebook and mailing list for the most current information.

As our world continually changes, through the pandemic, the call for social justice, and hard-fought change on many fronts, we have decided that the show must go on. Now, more than ever, we see it as our role to come together to create safe and renewing environments for our audiences and production artists. At MB Stage Productions, we believe that seeing something on a screen is one thing, but doing it live and together is something else. Starting with our NAT 20 events, we will resume work at a distance on our current projects in development. We encourage everyone to continue to use their voices as instruments of inspiration, education, and motivation while practicing responsible social distancing. Even from six feet apart, together, we can create great things.