Shadow of Doubt

Shadow of Doubt

For the past few months we’ve been working on a new project with a new to stage writer, Maurisz Kotowski. His play is called “Shadow of Doubt” and this month we will be performing the first workshop or staged reading of the play for the public. The process of creating a play is one of my favorite things to do as a producer and writer. However, when I really think about it, it’s not that at all, its the coming together of many people to work on one thing. The actual process of creating a play takes years, hundreds of man hours, and a great majority of them never have an actual payday or performance. In the end “the process” is usually a labor of love.

When we go see a play or musical many of us (even in the theater or entertainment community) only think of how successful a run or workshop was. We don’t think about the amount of time, the number of resources and the amount of energy that went into creating a piece. Then, usually the only people that receive their due credit, that have their friends come and see it, that make all of the speeches and gain more work are the actors. And Actors do deserve their recognition, they work years honing their craft, juggling responsibility and passion. Producers, directors and writers magically have everything together. If all is working well that is how it should look however, the reality that is vastly different from the perception.

My point, the amount of work that goes on backstage, before rehearsals, after rehearsals, before casting notices are sent out, before breakdowns are posted, before technical aspects are discussed and before the first table read with good friends IS more work than is given credit. This coming staged reading of “Shadow of Doubt” is representative of a work of live theater in progress. It is an actual view of  “the process” which I hope you find entertaining, interesting and thoughtful.

Hope to see you at the theater in February!

Jared Tyrel Pixler

MB Stage Productions