The 64th annual, Video Games

The 64th annual, Video Games

If you haven’t yet seen our production of “The Video Games” or if you HAVE seen the show you will want to come and see it again. In January we added new content to keep the stories going and we’ve been very busy at The Console (MB Stage Productions) making sure that the show is full of everything the Citizens of The Console want in their annual melee.


Theatre culture meets geek culture in THE VIDEO GAMES! We have been invited to perform in the NYC FRINGE FESTIVAL 2016 (Aug 12 – 28, 2016), the San Diego International Fringe Festival (June 23 – 30, 2016), Headlining at Nerd-Con 2016 (Aug 27 – 28) and we need your help to get there! (see our official NYC FRINGE announcement below with Jared and David the co-creators of The Video Games)

If you could please go to to support all of our endeavors it would be greatly appreciated. Need more convincing? Check out some cool videos of the show from theatrical performances and conventions here on our Video Games media page or check out some pics.

Thank you for taking the time to read and remember… Long live The Console!