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Dec 15th (10:30pm)

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The Complex Theaters Hollywood

6476 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood CA

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2017 Hollywood Fringe festival Nominee for Best Interactive Theatre and winner of the 2017 Encore Producers award!

THE VIDEO GAMES, is a parody of the popular book/movie series The Hunger Games. The tributes participating in the Battle to the Death have been substituted for video game characters from all the popular video game franchises. Princess Zelda, Queen of The Console, is celebrating the 64th Annual Video Games and needs the audience’s assistance (through social media) to ensure that this year’s Games are bigger, badder, and bloodier than the year before! By voting for their favorite characters, the audience will to alter the course of events throughout the performance. It’s a different show every night as iconic pixelated heroes and villains, such as Donkey Kong, Lara Croft, the Master Chief, and more, compete to win the coveted title of Player One, read more…

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If you haven’t yet seen our production of “The Video Games” (Facebook)or, if you HAVE, you will want to come and see it again. We’ve added new content, costumes and props to keep the stories going. The Console (MB Stage Productions)  has been very making sure that the show is full of everything the Citizens of The Console want in their annual melee.

The SHOW Production History

Theatre culture meets geek culture in THE VIDEO GAMES! Performed at NYC FRINGE FESTIVAL 2016 , the San Diego International Fringe Festival (June 23 – 30, 2016), the Hollywood Fringe Festival (2015) Headlining at Nerd-Con 2016 (and 2015), Long Beach Comic Con (2015/2016), Lvl UP Expo (2016), Stan Lee’s ComikazeExpo 2016 as a featured guest performance (and 2015). Planned performances will continue in Los Angeles, New York and conventions the year round.

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  Meet the Creative Team of THE VIDEO GAMES

A parody of the popular book/movie series The Hunger Games. The tributes participating in the Battle to the Death have been substituted for video game characters from all the popular video game franchises. Ranging from Super Mario to Mass Effect, a selection of popular, iconic characters will compete to win the coveted title of “Player One.” From voting for their favorite character to saving them from certain death, the audience will be able to alter the course of events throughout the performance. Twelve different fighters, twelve possible winners; all depending on your vote.

May the odds be ever in their favor.

Here’s what people are saying:

“There are so many classic moments that are recreated that will titillate your nerdgasm to the extreme… If you like the idea of the concept and consider yourself a pretty big nerd… you will have a ton of fun watching this show.” – Benjamin Schwartz

“I highly recommend this show for anyone who wants an evening of action-packed laughs and a taste of nostalgia. Whether you claim Nerd Culture or not, go enjoy the obvious hard work this team put into the production. Top notch fights, with top notch laughs. I vote “The Video Games” to be around for awhile. Have Fun!” – Ethan McDowell

“I have now seen this show three times and each time has been beyond excellent!! This show is an hour of just pure theatre enjoyment… I love how different each show has turned out while still maintaining the spirit of my favorite childhood video games. I’ve said it twice, I’ll say it again-go. See. This. Show! I will be, without a doubt!” – Brice Williams

“If you’re looking for a show that speaks to your inner child, look no further. Gamers, geeks, nerds, improv lovers and stage combat fanatics, unite! This is one show you cannot miss.” – Francisco Merino

“If you have not seen this show already you must do so. Such a goofy/enjoyable time. The combat was insane. The actors went full out. The improv was hilarious. Way worth your time and money. Go support! They are onto something.” – Melita Camilo

We’ll see you there.