April 3rd 8:30pm @ The Complex in The Dorie Theatre

You’ve seen or heard of THE VIDEO GAMES but, you’ve never experienced this script before. Join us for a ONE TIME only reading of the ORIGINAL CONCEPT for THE VIDEO GAMES. In fact, this version of the show was never even finished as ideas were rolled into the final interactive play.

Regardless, fans and newbies alike, will enjoy the familiar characters, stories and some truly pun worthy lines (see what we did there).

This is the origin of the show that played Off-Broadway, won awards at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, played at the New York International Fringe Festival and comic conventions nationwide.

Each attendee will receive a complimentary gift and be able to participate in the silent auction and raffle that will be held for exclusive props, costumes and other pieces from THE VIDEO GAMES.

Production rights are NOW available for THE VIDEO GAMES!

The play is perfect for colleges, universities and high schools (PG-13) featuring a large ensemble cast of 15 performers with room for more ensemble (non-speaking roles).

THE VIDEO GAMES (written by: David Evan Stolworthy and Created by: Jared Tyrel Pixler and David Evan Stolworthy), is a parody of the popular book/movie series The Hunger Games. The tributes participating in the Battle to the Death have been substituted for video game characters from all the popular video game franchises. Princess Zelda, Queen of The Console, is celebrating the 64th Annual Video Games and needs the audience’s assistance (through social media) to ensure that this year’s Games are bigger, badder, and bloodier than the year before! By voting for their favorite characters, the audience will to alter the course of events throughout the performance. It’s a different show every night as iconic pixelated heroes and villains, such as Donkey Kong, Lara Croft, the Master Chief, and more, compete to win the coveted title of Player One!

THE VIDEO GAMES played at NYC FRINGE FESTIVAL 2016 , the San Diego International Fringe Festival (2016), the Hollywood Fringe Festival (2015 & 2017) and ran Off-Broadway for seven months in New York at the Elektra Theatre. The show won multiple awards for production, innovation and was nominated for best in Immersive Theater (Hollywood Fringe 2017). It was the headliner at Nerd-Con 2016 (and 2015), Long Beach Comic Con (2015/2016/2017), Lvl UP Expo (2016) and Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-Con 2015/2016 as a featured guest. It continuously ran in Los Angeles from July 2015 thru Feb 2018.

To apply contact info@mbstage.com  or fill out the form below.