Video Games Photos

Video Games Photos

Pictures from the Off-Broadway opening of The Video Games!

The Video Games went to LVL UP expo May 14-15 2016 here are some pictures from the event.
banner collage

production team

Recently the cast of the Video Games – Taught a week long workshop and performed at El Camino High School in Oceanside, CA. Want us to come to your school? contact Jared.

11951325_10153456859265910_6193613430830082110_n 12036759_10204954662573459_174678385432912972_n Peach DK or Mega Link and Sheik Peach IMG_0098 IMG_0119 IMG_0606 IMG_0607 IMG_0715 IMG_0724 IMG_0798 IMG_0857 IMG_0829 IMG_0800 2015-11-07 19.57.18 2016-01-20 22.09.24 2015-05-14 22.46.58 2015-07-09 22.31.34 2015-07-14 20.47.21 2015-07-14 21.05.30 2015-07-14 20.56.58 2015-07-14 21.29.12 2015-07-14 23.19.22 11209672_10207554009951023_1788495976920882075_n 12003939_10153668773854470_428913371185770073_n