Current Productions

Current Productions

Coming soon to the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018 two new projects!

THE STUDY, Written by: David Evan Stolworthy, Original Concept and idea by: Jared Tyrel Pixler and David Evan Stolworthy.

A psychological study of the flight or fight response set in a college lecture hall. This is an immersive, audience interactive, video game and theatre inspired piece. From the creators of THE VIDEO GAMES. *May contain triggers; violence, blood, gore and simulated sexual situations.

Just One Moment, Written by: David Evan Stolworthy

Between this life and the next all calls are monitored, recorded and taken by the Afterlife Assistance Center. Got a question for dead Aunt Sally? Want to ask some questions on the Ouija Board? Really need an A on that next test? The Afterlife Assistance center is here to help you!

MB Stage Productions is always looking for people interested in theatre and performance email for details!