Just One Moment

Just One Moment

A play, written by: David Evan Stolworthy

MB Stage Productions is proud to present, Just One Moment at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018 and will be the first official production in our Nerds Gone Deep Series. Consisting of plays that present powerful and thought provoking messages. More in-line with that is considered “traditional theatre” with a little of that “something extra” on the side.


Contact: 833-AFTRLFE (238-7533)

Between this life and the next all calls are monitored, recored and taken by the Afterlife Assistance Center. Got a question for dead Aunt Sally? Want to ask some questions on the Ouija Board? Really need an A on that next test? The Afterlife Assistance center is here to help you!

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Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018 site
Performances located at:
The Complex in The Flight Theatre
6474 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood CA, 90036


Bennett Cousins as Joann
Celina Surniak as Anna
Derek McAlister as Gary
Brendan Haley as Ryan
Graham Weldin as Chase
Milani Mae as Anna(u/s)/ Clerk
Matt Lindberg as Tyler/Chase (u/s)
Jack Hiffernan as Andrew