About MB Stage

About MB Stage

Seeing something on screen is one thing. Seeing it live? Game over.

 “…beautiful, evocative and challenging work. Let that soak in for a minute… Nerds gone DEEP!”

MB Stage Productions was originally founded in 2011 but didn’t start producing in Los Angeles, until 2013. When it was founded, Jared Pixler (co-founder), David Stolworthy (co-founder) and Katie Mapel (Asst. Producer)  were still in college. While in college,  Jared and David were in direct competition with each other in a school playwriting competition. David was an Acting BFA student and Jared was a Musical Theatre BFA student, their respective plays, Roommates and Let me Out were both eventually the top winners of their school competition. That year MB produced Let me Out as a workshop for the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2013 and both plays (Let me Out and Roommates) were produced in 2014. After that Stolworthy and Pixler began writing projects together. This lead to the creation of The Video Games, which premiered in 2015 and went on to perform at comic conventions, fringe festivals including the New York International Fringe Festival and an Off-Broadway Production.

MB Stage Productions is here to provide aspiring writers and artists the opportunities to hone their craft and become more involved in the theatrical world, especially if they are a little bit of a geek or nerd.

General Manager – Producer

Jared Tyrel Pixler – jtpixler@mbstage.com

General Manager – Producer

David Evan Stolworthy – David@mbstage.com

Casting – Assistant Producer

Katie Lynn Mapel – Katie@mbstage.com

Company Stage Manager

Jesse Fiene – Stagemanager@mbstage.com

Social Media Manager

Alysia Cruz – media@mbstage.com

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About the Producers

Jared Tyrel Pixler is a producer for Make Believe Stage Productions and one of the co-creators of THE VIDEO GAMES. He graduated AMDA: The College and Conservatory for the Performing Arts and holds a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. He has been producing plays since the age of nineteen both independently and with other theater companies and had worked with Disney as a performer.

David Evan Stolworthy is a producer for Make Believe Stage Productions and one of the co-creators of THE VIDEO GAMES. A graduate of AMDA: The College and Conservatory for the Performing Arts, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts. He has experience working at Universal Studios Hollywood and The Murder Mystery Company in audience interaction and engagement.

Katie Lynn Mapel is an assistant producer for Make Believe Stage Productions. She holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from AMDA: The College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts and a certificate in Makeup Artistry from EI: School of Professional Makeup. She has been involved in casting and production for multiple theater companies and a performer/professional guest at conventions throughout Southern California.

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