Demetra Kane (Swing)

Demetra Kane is delighted to be revisiting the stage, making her debut with MB Stage Productions as Samus Aran. This is her first time learning stage combat, but feels confident with her experience in martial arts backing her up. She grew up in Russia and moved to L.A. with her family at the age of 5. Demetra found herself falling in love with acting at the age of 6 when her first grade teacher cast her as an ant, (who successfully helps a farmer chase away a goat when bigger and stronger animals couldn’t), in their impromptu re-enactment of a folktale they were reading in class. Ever since then she has been involved in the performing arts. She is also trained in Latin and Ballroom dance. Her favorite video game is The Land Before Time. Demetra would like to thank everyone for coming out to support their local theatre, as well as the cast and crew for making this a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience.