Stringmates, a play by: Amanda Newman

In modern society, the word “soulmate” is often used to describe someone’s romantic partner. While healthy, romantic relationships are wonderful, there are many kinds of love, all of which are valid and necessary. Stringmates uses a combination of language and movement to explore what “soulmate” can mean, and to encourage the audience to consider all the relationships in their lives.

Stringmates was performed as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017 at The Actors Company in Hollywood.

Director: MaheaLani Leofa
Choreographer/Original Music: Brandon Bolte
Stage Managers: Jessie Fiene & Natasha Wells
Producers: David Evan Stolworthy
Hair and Makeup: Katie Lynn Mapel
Lighting Design: Jared Tyrel Pixler
Sound Design: MaheaLani Leofa
Logo Design: Justin Kyle Pixler
Thomas Davis as Red Man
Alexander Hurren as Green Man
Elyse Hamilton as Doctor
Sarah Ruttan as Yellow Woman
Cassidy Davis as Green Woman
Armando Estrada as Ensemble
Luis Martinez as Ensemble
William Clayton as Ensemble (Old Man)
Anaiah Simons as Ensemble
Dayle Embelton as Ensemble
Angel Ramsdell as Ensemble (old woman)