Meet the DMs

Meet the DMs

Mel Glickman is an actor, fight choreographer, and Dragonborn Paladin from Baltimore, MD. Their first foray into tabletop gaming and DMing was with D&D 3.5 ed. in the mid 00’s, and they’ve been running games on and off ever since. From 2018 to 2019, they were a player on the actual play livestream “Role Call” on Twitch, hosted by totalpartyinvite. Their style is light to medium puzzles, medium combat, and heavy roleplay. Creative and stupid problem-solving highly encouraged.

Mel’s Campaign

The letter finds you swiftly and without fanfare. Its appearance is unassuming — an old and stained parchment held shut by an amber-colored wax seal, hastily splattered on — but its aura is powerful and enticing. Before you know it, you’ve broken the seal and have begun to read:

“Dear friend,

“You are well-known across these lands for your might, intelligence, swiftness, passion, and altruism. We hope you may find it in your heart to help us in our time of great need.

“Ten days ago, we were rocked by a series of earthquakes. We began the efforts to rebuild the homes and businesses that were affected, but we soon discovered the damage may be much worse than a wrecked town square. For as long as we can remember, our town has been protected from evil due to a boon from an ancient god; we have kept that boon in exchange for keeping our god’s shrine safe deep inside our temple. But we fear that the earthquakes caused damage to the shrine and, in turn, caused our god to leave us. The sudden onset of monsters and fiends attacking our town confirms this theory. We have tried sending our own countrymen into the temple to learn the state of the shrine, but none have returned.

This is why we turn to you and beg for your help. Should you choose to come to our aid, you will not be alone in your endeavors: we have sent this letter to eleven other heroes of your caliber. Hopefully your combined wisdom and strength will get you through the temple safely. There are a number of treasures of old buried in the temple… Should you and your compatriots survive, you may keep whatever you find.

You know where to find us: where the sun always shines and the rivers flow green.

“Signed, your friends, the town of Orla.”

 Henry Steelhammer had his first D&D experience with 3.5 in High School. Where he had no idea what was going on and that continued until he played again in college. Since College, he has Game Mastered several campaigns and been fortunate enough to play in more. He is planning to play a more classic 5E game at this Tabletop starting at Lvl 1 with the possibility of reaching the 3rd level by the end of the game. Looking to help people who want to learn about new classes, enjoy the roleplaying part of role playing games, solve a few puzzles, and smash a few Gobbies along the way.

Henry’s Campaign

You will be playing as Level 1 adventurers escorting a caravan across the desolate land known as the Half-man’s Marsh in order to get to the main capital city of Afillion. You are more than welcome to bring your own Level 1 characters with basic starting equipment or come and grab a premade character at the table. This is a medium grade adventure for people who want to learn the basics or try a new character class for the first time. Come to try something that would be fun for you! 

Things to know: This will be a heavy RP game, playing your character is highly encouraged. This is a high magic one-shot so there will be chances to get a lot of low to high power magical items.

On a rainy night, your caravan of travelers, merchants, and hopeful adventurers arrives at a lonely inn on the half-man Highway. The caravan plans to stay for the night before heading on, but what’s been happening at the once quiet inn? How has it managed to stay afloat in this desolate swamplands? Where have the missing caravan members gone? Come play to find out!

 Since that first fateful 3.5 adventure in a small college dorm room, Harrison has been hooked. He’s been playing all kinds of RPGs for the past decade, some favorites being Call of Cthulhu, Edge of Empire, Dungeon World, and D&D 5.0. While he likes reading rulebooks for all kinds of systems, the games he enjoys the most focus on storytelling and roleplaying. Above all, he loves introducing new players to the hobby. 

Harrison’s Campaign

Just off the coast of the Dagger Islands, an unlikely group of adventurers are swept up in a dangerous game of treachery and treasure! Prepare yourselves for some swashbuckling shenanigans!

New players to DnD are most welcome! In fact encouraged! Let’s work out this adventure starting at square 1 (Level 1-3)

Mike Puckett is a writer, performer, and comedian who recently moved to LA from Brooklyn, NY. He’s an ensemble member of the New York Neo-Futurists, an experimental theatre company that performs 30 plays in under an hour twice per week, every week. When he was 9 years old, he saw an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory parodying Dungeons and Dragons, and he’s been an avid fan of the game ever since. His first taste of DnD came with the 3rd Edition sourcebooks at age 11, but it took him nine years and full Edition later (4E) to find friends who were willing to play with him. He’s been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2010 and DMing 5th Edition games for a wide variety of players since 2017. His DM-style focuses on role-playing and can best be described as “anything goes”. You don’t want to explore the castle after all? Cool, let’s hang out in the woods.

Mike’s Campaign

Waulk is a fishing-village-turned-tourist-trap on the edge of the Lundervest Sea. Once known solely for its competing clans of fisherman, it’s risen to prominence as a trade hub and culinary destination. It’s also one of the few places along the coast where one can reliably book passage across the ocean – that’s why you’re here. The chowder’s just a bonus. 

But now that you’re seeing the town in the distance, it doesn’t look like all it’s cracked up to be. The streets are empty, there’s some sort of makeshift barricade surrounding the outskirts, and…is that smoke?

The Gods Must Be is a horror-fantasy 5e adventure for 7th-level characters inspired by Bloodborne. 

Additional Details For Players:

    • Make a 7th-level character. Any class/race combo from any sourcebook is fine. In addition to the starting equipment, feel free to buy up to 200 GP worth of equipment and pocket the difference. You may also give your character one magic item of rare or uncommon rarity. 


    • The setting of this adventure can best be described as 18th-century American wilderness. There are settlements on this continent, but they’re few and far in between. Waulk is the first town you’ve seen in weeks. 


    • Give your character a reason why they NEED to cross the Lundervest Sea. This can be a secret from the other characters, but doesn’t need to be. 


    • Where is your character coming from? What happened before this adventure?


    • Each PC should have a connection to at least one other PC. We can figure these out in person before the session begins. 


    • CW: Moderate gore, dark themes, psychological horror. I’m being intentionally vague for the purposes of avoiding spoilers within this description, but if you have any concerns feel free to message me privately. 


PJ got started playing DnD in 2010, always being curious but never getting a chance to really see the dreaded “Devil’s Game”. He first cut his teeth on a little 4th Edition campaign (pause for booing) but before long the dilemma that causes most DM’s to rise occurred, our DM stopped the game and it was up to me to run a new one! Ever since then I’ve been playing many different editions and systems, from DnD/Pathfinder to Gurps, cyberpunk, even D10 systems! He’s been a DM for well over a decade in all these systems and has participated in streams from Maze Arcana, The Kelly Eden Channel, and Scabby Rooster. His style of dungeon mastering, or game mastering, is one that loves to include photos and music to create a cinema graphic, immersive experience and always has high energy, lots of character accents, and big laughs.

PJ’s Campaign

Players boot up an old game, one they have no memory of ever having but once they sit down and give it a go things turn on them fast. They slowly wake up in a brand new world with a new adventure awaiting them. With no clue who they are, they will have to learn on the fly as they save the world from the return of Baron das Streben. But if the great powerful necromancer is not enough then surely the myriads of monsters and beasts roaming the jungle will trample them, or the Yuan-ti tribes will devour them or they could even get lost in the magic itself. Players must ready their dice, defeat the evil Baron das Sterben and survive….JUMANJI!

Please Note: This oneshot is played with the Amnesia system. This means your character will be provided by the Dungeon Master. It will be through your adventures that you will reveal who you really are in the end.