Meet the DMs

Meet the DMs

Clara Goldstein has been playing D&D and other tabletop RPGs since she was 10. Since then her interests have not changed but her vocabulary has grown. She is a LARPer, musician and former professional mermaid and a regular streamer and host with Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast where she and the rest of the crew stream actual plays and answer listeners’ RPG questions and share gaming stories.

Clara’s Campaign

Happily Never After: Something Grimm is afoot In the town of Marchenholt. If only you can figure what beast is behind this plot so the folk can stop feeling blue and beard them in their lair.  Strap on your puissant boots, find out who the shoe fits. Will you live happily ever after, or will this yarn leave you grasping at straws?

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Randle Rankin has been playing Dnd off and on, whenever he could get people to put a game together, since before this millennium began, and has been so excited to watch this game gain popularity once more.  For the last year he has finally taken up the mantle of DM and is thoroughly enjoying it. He runs his games in Asalar, a forgotten realms style world in its first age that he is slowly building. He loves the creative collaboration that DnD storytelling allows. 

Randle’s Campaign

“Tomb of the Forgotten God” You will be playing as level 7 characters that you can create at the table, bring from home or take some pre-built characters I will provide. You may play as any available class and race. Be creative! You may have 3 levels of magic items. Either 3 uncommon items, 1 uncommon and one rare, or one very rare. This is a one shot. Have fun. 

Things to know. This is a deadly dungeon crawl with the opportunity for some light RP. It is grim dark fantasy that delves into madness. There will be creepy moments and possible jump scares. All of these are to accentuate your fun. 

You and your companions are a part of a well-established mercenary company. You have been hired by letter to delve into an ancient ruin and retrieve a specific relic. (The letter will be given at the table) You arrive at the location given to find what seems to be a simple tomb with no name but what looks to be a warning about its contents. 

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Mia Cotton hails from San Jose, CA and is an MBStage Alum (Mona in The Study). She has a BFA in Musical Theatre from AMDA College & Conservatory and is a writer/composer/singer. Her first full-length production, The London Rose, played in the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival. She discovered Dungeons & Dragons about three years ago through friends and various actual-play shows (Dimension 20, Critical Role, etc.). Her love of creating stories quickly led to her becoming an enthusiastic player, more recently, an equally enthusiastic DM. Mia is currently working on a fantasy/fairy tale homebrew using the DnD 5e system.

Mia’s Campaign

Welcome to Elith: a land where magic is prevalent and the people live in relative peace. The destruction of a great evil has brought harmony to the three kingdoms, but unrest still lurks in the night—in the howl of the wind and the shadows on the wall.

Your journey, adventurer, begins in the Kingdom of EnVerdor. The royal caravan was ambushed on its journey to the Elven Kingdom of Galayde. King Elion and his Consort, Sir Valiant, have vanished into thin air. We need you to find them and bring them back safely. But be wary—a powerful magic item was taken from the caravan as well, and there’s no telling what someone could do if they unlock its power.

Recommended for players Level 3-5.

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David Evan Stolworthy is a lover of horror and suspense. Even though he scares easily and hates self-induced anxiety, he loves to instill fear and terror in others. He prides himself on mastering horror DnD campaigns and hosts them twice a month, each with a different story, plot, and challenge. The inspirations for his horror campaigns stem from Supermassive’s Until Dawn and their newly released The Dark Pictures Anthology (Little Hope comes out Summer 2020!!). In addition, David also takes inspiration from Blockbuster Horror Hits! Some of his favorite films are The Hills Have Eyes, The Grudge, Pet Sematary, The Exorcist, The Human Centipede, Insidious, Dawn of the Dead, When a Stranger Calls, The Ring, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 13 Ghosts, 28 Days Later, Saw, and many… many… MANY more. He hopes to instill fear and terror and fun with your gameplay… if you dare to join.

David’s Campaign


A group of teens embark on a trip to a secluded cabin in the woods; with drugs and drama fully underway… However, death and destruction fall upon the band of adolescence before they are able to reach the threshold to safety. What is the mystery behind the lumber yard? What happened to the Miller boy all those years ago? What will it take to calm the half dozen spirits wandering the woods? Join your GR (The Grim Reaper) and see if you can keep your character(s) alive until this murderous mystery has been solved. 


Josh – The jock.

Shane – The stoner.

Mona – The athlete.

Courtney – The party girl.

Aiden – The prankster.

Luke – The scaredy cat. 

Jesse – The nerd. 

Emily – The bitch. 

Bradley – The bad boy.

Olivia – The virgin.

Keagan – The rich kid.

Tina – The goth.


DEPENDING ON PARTY SIZE WILL DETERMINE THE AMOUNT OF CHARACTERS EACH PARTY MEMBER WILL CONTROL. All playable characters have been pre-made at Level 3 using 5E rules. Classes and subclasses have been adjusted to accommodate “realistic human capabilities” and “horror tropes”. EXPERIENCED PLAYERS PREFERRED, BUT BEGINNERS WELCOME.


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