Meet the DMs

Meet the DMs

Casey Suddeth has been an innovative DM for nearly 2 years. His goal as a DM, first and foremost, is to ensure the players have an enjoyable experience, but also to try new things and challenge what a tabletop experience can be. Using everything from legitimate card games to an actual Mr. Meeseeks box, Casey always seeks to not only provide an exciting game, but an especially memorable one.

Casey’s Campaign

Welcome. To the world of Bloodborne. You are brave souls that find yourself in the city of Yharnam: a gorgeous, melancholic, Gothic city. You also find yourselves in Yharnam on the night of The Hunt, where any citizens of Yharnam who find themselves outside transform into vicious monsters or beasts. Any Hunter brave enough to face the dangers of the night must surely be mad. Death is to be expected in this treacherous town, yet it may not be the end…

This will be a homebrew 5th edition D&D game with extra mechanics that will be further explained upon arrival to the game. The goal is to create a unique tabletop experience that feels like the Bloodborne video game. There will be tough combat, much like the game, but anyone willing to face the grotesque creatures that await them are sure to be rewarded with a thrilling time! Feel free to research the game if you are unfamiliar with it to see if it may inspire your character. I can’t wait to see what fearless and/or insane souls will join The Hunt!

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PJ Megaw has been playing tabletop RPG’s for 12 years. In that time he has assembled knowledge, skill, and a kick-ass soundtrack for systems including Dnd 1.5-5, Pathfinder 1 and 2, Warhammer 40k RPG, Fate, Cyberpunk, Shadow Run, Dragon Age, Hero System, and Mutants and Masterminds. Probably a bit more too that he forgot. Adding to his experience as a GM and player he combines his love for storytelling and humor, with Improv to create a fun, cinematic, and memorable experience. 

He has been participating in streaming tabletop roleplaying shows on twitch for over 2 years. Starting with Arcana High on Maze Arcana, even doing a few shows on ScabbyRooster twitch and LifeActionRoleplay. He has two shows a week on his own Twitch affiliated channel,, where he talks character design and new materials as well as GM’s his own fun and exciting show, Edge of Legend. 

He is excited to be with MB Stages from his time in the 3 year long-running show and can’t wait to see what adventures await his players.

PJ’s Campaign

Who are you? Where are you? What can you do? All these questions cycle through your mind but the only answer is adventure. The only word of this adventure ….JUMANJI! 

In the desert, you must wait ‘til someone rolls a 6 or 8. However, the last thing you remember is playing a friendly game of Jumanji the tabletop RPG sensation! The roaring of drums like a stampede makes everything a little fuzzy…and then…

Well, I guess you’re just going to have to get an empty 5th edition character sheet and join us to find out what adventure awaits you in-JUMANJI!!

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David Evan Stolworthy is a lover of horror and suspense. Even though he scares easily and hates self-induced anxiety, he loves to instill fear and terror in others. He prides himself on mastering horror DnD campaigns and hosts them twice a month, each with a different story, plot, and challenge. The inspirations for his horror campaigns stem from Supermassive’s Until Dawn and their newly released The Dark Pictures Anthology (Little Hope comes out Summer 2020!!). 

In addition, David also takes inspiration from Blockbuster Horror Hits! Some of his favorite films are The Hills Have Eyes, The Grudge, Pet Sematary, The Exorcist, The Human Centipede, Insidious, Dawn of the Dead, When a Stranger Calls, The Ring, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 13 Ghosts, 28 Days Later, Saw, and many… many… MANY more.

 He hopes to instill fear and terror and fun with your gameplay… if you dare to join.

David’s Campaign

A group of teens embark on a trip to a secluded cabin in the woods; with drugs and drama fully underway… However, death and destruction fall upon the band of adolescence before they are able to reach the threshold to safety. What is the mystery behind the lumber yard? What happened to the Miller boy all those years ago? What will it take to calm the half dozen spirits wandering the woods? Join your GR (The Grim Reaper) and see if you can keep your character(s) alive until this murderous mystery has been solved. 


Josh – The jock.
Shane – The stoner.
Mona – The athlete.
Courtney – The party girl.
Aiden – The prankster.
Luke – The scaredy cat.
Jesse – The nerd.
Emily – The bitch.
Bradley – The bad boy.
Olivia – The virgin.
Keagan – The rich kid.
Tina – The goth.

DEPENDING ON PARTY SIZE WILL DETERMINE THE NUMBER OF CHARACTERS EACH PARTY MEMBER WILL CONTROL. All playable characters have been pre-made at Level 3 using 5E rules. Classes and subclasses have been adjusted to accommodate “realistic human capabilities” and “horror tropes”. EXPERIENCED PLAYERS PREFERRED, BUT BEGINNERS WELCOME.

To participate is David’s game; check out our event page at