Meet the DMs

Meet the DMs

Rosalie is from Evansville, IN, and is a proud MB Stage Alum. You might have seen her as Pikachu in The Video Games. She has a BA in Theatre from Hanover College. Rosalie has been playing tabletop RPGs for about 10 years now, usually as a player. She has run a few games before and is excited to be your storyteller for Nat20!

Her play style is heavy on RP and Combat with light puzzles.

Rose’s Campaign

Welcome to the plane of Innistrad, a world of gothic horror where everything goes bump in the night. The angelic protector of this world, Avacyn, has gone missing and lately, the creatures of evil have grown even bolder. Thank you, adventurers, for staying at the Silver Rose Inn here in the town of Shadowgrange. Rumor has it a large number of refugees are on their way from Mordov…and they’re saying whatever attacked them is headed this way. We need your experience and leadership to help protect our village from this threat. It will take all the wit, courage, and strength you can muster to defeat the encroaching evil.
Please come with a level 3 character made.

Anthony is a native Californian, an MB Stage Alum being a part of The Video Games (Link, Scorpion), The Study (Shane, The Creature), and The Monsters Of Man (Various roles). He’s also a Knight at Medieval Times mixing his love of performing stunts/combat and acting, very much like The Video Games did. He’s been playing Dungeons and Dragon since he was 14 beginning with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons but quickly moved onto 3.5, on and off depending on who he could find to play. Until 5th Edition came out, where he’s been consistently playing, mostly DMing, for the last 4+ years with his group made up of mostly fellow Knights almost weekly. He put together a podcast, Knight Time Sessions, of their antics during sessions both one-shots or campaigns. (Be advised if you listen to the podcast there is a lot of adult language, adult themes and probably triggers for some people.) Unfortunately due to the quarantine, the podcast is on hold for adjustment.

Anthony’s Campaign

For centuries the continent of Olios has been at war until a great sacrifice was made which united the people. It’s only been about 50 years since the wars stopped, so the peace is still a little unstable but holding. In recent months there has been rumors of mysterious attacks on people and towns but there is no other information since apparently there has never been any survivors or witnesses. With these rumors spreading across the continent, adventurers began to flock to the capital city of Coldbrook hoping to make a name for themselves and make a bit of money while still helping the newly united land.

Characters should be Lv. 5