Meet the DMs

Meet the DMs

Bryan Ha is a performer who loves various facets of performance arts, so it’s no surprise that the immersive and role-playing elements of Dungeons and Dragons lulled him into the world of TTRPG. He’s been playing and DMing exclusively Dungeons and Dragons 5E for 2 years now, while dabbling his toes on Star Wars Saga and Masks, which he is currently playing in the Twitch channel,, at Fridays, on the podcast show called School Days. Bryan is extremely excited for this opportunity to DM for the Nat20 Event and hopes to ensure that his players will have an amazing time in this Holiday-Spirited oneshot.

Bryan’s Campaign

THE STORY: The wealth of the great dragon Sobek has long been a pillar of the tyrannical HoenSchlaecher Empire. Today that changes. The team that stands before you is the best of the best. No other group of adventurers would be more suited to perform this extraction. Together, each using your own special skills, you will break into the fortress with ease and secure that dragon’s hoard. Unless, of course, the whole party decided to play as druids for some reason. In that case, this may not be a win for the rebellion.

This is a one shot designed for 5 level 5-7 adventurers. DM will allow any DND/Wotc content with DNDBeyond. Anything homebrew would have to be approved by DM beforehand.

 Billy Mauer is a VFX artist and avid theme park goer. However recently has become a hermit in his home that 5/5 doctors say needs more sunlight. He has been running games from 3.5e to 5e on and off throughout the last 10 years and played in multiple game systems beyond D&D. Currently he has been developing an original tabletop system based off of the Kingdom Hearts franchise and is in the middle of a 3 month sequel campaign to his original test run. But as a player and DM there’s only one rule he follows, Shenanigans.

Billy’s Campaign


It was a dark and stormy night when the evening of Lord Master Kenneth Boddsworth’s annual party fell. All the most famous and noteworthy of inventors, nobles, and scientists from across the lands had been invited. All braving the storm for a chance to be a part of his next great work. But much like these things often do, thunder sometimes strikes twice. Because this house, and the party inside, are not quite what they appear to be. What lies up beyond those grand stairs and down in the basement below? Where does his so called magical elevator lead? And why is the butler watching you constantly? Aren’t you glad you were invited to the Boddsworth Mansion overlooking the town from atop the hill tonight?

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